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Malgrats Islands

These uninhabited islands rise majestically from the sea, creating a dramatic and beautiful scene.

Malgrats Islands

Just a few kilometres from the centre of Santa Ponsa off the coast lie the Malgrats Islands. They are two uninhabited islands which rise majestically from the sea, creating a dramatic and beautiful scene, which at sunset is quite an experience to witness. The local government have placed benches which are positioned in a small park overlooking the sea and the islands, providing a great opportunity to sit back and take in the fantastic scenery at your leisure.

Around the Malgrats is an upmarket residential area with some impressive houses, many of which are second homes to German and British people, who have chosen this tranquil setting as their home from home. In contrast to the busy vibe of Santa Ponsa this area, just a few minutes away, is a peaceful haven and if you have rented a car or bicycle a little trip to look at the Malgrats and take some photos is well worth it.

Of course there is more to Puerto Portals than bars, restaurants and shops. It is a pleasure to just walk around the port admiring the yachts and scenery. The port usually has one or two rare cars hanging about which are guaranteed to delight petrol heads.

Puerto Portals is a wonderful jewel of Mallorca which contains everything you could want for a great evening out and shows a different side of the island compared to the beach resorts. Why not check out Puerto Portals and enjoy what it has to offer.

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