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No, hen and stag parties are not permitted at Holiday Park Santa Ponsa. We are proud to be one of the very few hotels on the island that enforces this rule.

Yes, all transactions and details of your credit/debit/paypal are entirely processed through third party SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This system not only ensures that all your card data is encrypted, directly from the buyer (you) to the intermediary bank, but also that it will not be known at any time by the seller (us).

Yes, this site is operated directly by the hotel.  Any bookings you make are direct with the hotel itself.

Yes, all transactions and details of your credit/debit/paypal are entirely processed through third party SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This system not only ensures that all your card data is encrypted, directly from the buyer (you) to the intermediary bank, but also that it will not be known at any time by the seller (us).

Yes, we do have a 2 bedroomed VIP apartment, ground floor pool side apartments and VIP apartments which are sold directly and not through third parties.

Option 1 Best Prepaid Rate conditions:

The total price of the reservation will be charged in full on the day of booking. The pre-paid rate is not refundable under any circumstances. If you cancel or modify your booking there is no refund.

Option 2 You pay only 10% of your room rate at the time of your booking:

Let’s imagine that your total accommodation cost is 100 Euros. Upon making your reservation via our website you will pay 10% of your total room cost (10 euros) and upon your arrival, you will need to pay the remaining balance (90 euros) in cash. The 10% deposit paid is non-refundable without exception.

The Balearic Parliament has approved the Sustainable Tourism Tax. The tax is levied on arrival in cash at the hotel on all overnight stays. Tax is 2.20 euros per day per person aged 16 years and over. By paying the new tax both foreign visitors and locals who stay in a tourist accommodation of the Balearics will contribute to the preservation of the islands.

No, hen and stag parties are not permitted at Holiday Park Santa Ponsa. We are proud to be one of the very few hotels on the island that enforces this rule.

We love your business and we love to have you stay with us but also we are a midsize hotel with many repeat guests that visit us year after year and they trust us with the most important period of their year (their holiday).  If you are a large group of any kind (including, families, friends, couples and meetings) intending to reserve more than 3 apartments, please contact us first and please await our response before making reservations as many large groups could affect the feel and atmosphere we strive to provide (during winter months when we are on holiday, please share this information with your agent and have them contact their supplier). This does NOT exclude reservations made via different agents. 


In short, if you are a group and book more than 3 apartments, even if reservations have been made via different agents AND EVEN IF THE APARTMENTS HAVE BEEN BOOKED UNDER DIFFERENT NAMES as a way of getting around this policy, we reserve the right to cancel the reservations.

Yes, there is a courtesy shower room and a luggage room at your disposal, open 24 hours a day.

Check-in time: 3.00pm

Check-out time: 11.00am

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee specific views/locations as on most days of the summer we are sold out and we depend entirely on the apartments that become available on your actual arrival day and therefore we are unable to make such guarantees. Please note that you do have the option of booking and paying for one of our pool view apartments, and this is what you should do if you specifically want a pool view apartment.

This can be done only if we have a certain number of Pool View apartments available and the cost is from 25 Euros per night depending on your dates and payable via bank transfer or Paypal at the time of change or in cash upon your arrival. Please email us via the “Contact” page and we can check on possible availability and then guarantee it for you. As for changing your apartment to a VIP apartment or Ground floor poolside apartment, it is best to contact us for cost and availability.

Standby Pool View change: You can email us via the “Contact” page from this site if you would like to request to upgrade your apartment from Standard type Apartment (One Bedroom Apartment) to Pool View type apartment for your entire stay at the promotional discounted rate of 12.50 euros per night payable in cash upon arrival, with a minimum of 3 nights stay. This is a standby list and not a guarantee (it will only be possible if upon your arrival there is one available). You are more than welcome to take your name off the list at any time up to 48 hours prior to your arrival but not after. Pool View type apartments are located over 3 floors, they are not VIP apartments, they are not Ground floor pool side apartments but they are the apartments that surround the swimming pool (VS standard apartments that are located at the back part of the hotel and generally involve more steps). If upon arrival we do not have this option available for you, there will be no extra cost and your standard apartment will be allocated to you as it was originally booked and as per your voucher. Specific room numbers and specific floors can not be requested.

This offer will only apply if you have requested it at least 5 days prior to your arrival date and no later, and is not applicable on arrival at the hotel. By requesting to be added to the standby list you must agree with the terms and conditions outlined above.

This promotion can be terminated at anytime with no previous notice.

We are ideally placed in the most popular part of the resort and are only a 3 or 4 minute walk to the beach.

We do not target any particular nationality. Santa Ponsa is a very cosmopolitan resort and our clientele reflect that.

Yes. Our reception desk is manned 24 hours.

Reservations made directly on consider children to be up to the age of 16 years old and infants up to the age of 2 years old (please note that the above age policy applies only to reservations made directly on our own website and in most cases the age policy of travel companies will be different and this cannot be changed by the hotel upon your arrival).

Due to the nature of the complex and the steps involved, we are not suitable for guests with limited mobility and we do not have disabled apartments.

We have five types of apartment; Standard, Pool View, VIP, 2 Bedroom VIP and Ground Floor Pool Side.  These room types are all priced differently and guests will be provided with the apartment type on their voucher.  Some agencies, by choice, only sell one or two of the room types we have available.  If you are unsure as to which apartment type you have booked, please refer to your voucher.  Please note, depending on the agency with whom you have booked, Standard Apartments may be referred to as “One Bedroom Apartment” or “One Bedroom Family Room”.  Please also note, standard apartments generally involve more steps than pool view and obviously ground floor poolside apartments.

Yes. All rooms have a self-contained air-conditioning unit which is available at the charge of 5€ per night.

Our apartments are designed to accommodate up to 4 guests maximum. Please make sure that you have booked the correct number of persons and stated the correct ages, as changes may not be permitted upon arrival. While infants may stay for free, they count as a guest, so 4 guests plus an infant exceeds the allowed number.

Yes, the hotel will notice. Please note that all guests must have a valid voucher stating their name/names and adding an extra person/persons to your booking without changing it through your provider prior to arrival at the hotel will void your stay with us.

By Spanish law, all guests must be registered upon arrival and must provide valid ID/Passport and adding an unregistered guest is unlawful.

All reservations made through our website as well as through third parties have their conditions outlined. We would not be able to change/modify/cancel a reservation where it is not permitted. Best is to purchase a travel insurance that protects you against unforeseeable events.

While it is a norm for hotels of our size/category to do their utmost to buy the cheapest ingredients, we are proud to be one of the very rare hotels that only buys first brand name Spirits and Liquors and we do not trick our guests with similar name brands. 
As for food, we do not buy the cheap ingredients from unknown vendors and we strive to provide our guests with best quality vegetables, meat and ingredients with honesty (the same quality we want to feed our own children with).


Example: We serve exactly the same size and quality burger from the same local butcher who serves Holiday Park and one of the most famous restaurants in Mallorca and our burger is 6 Euros and their burger is 20.50 Euros.

The airport is only a 25 minute drive away. We do not organise shuttle buses. There are a number of online companies that offer that service but they take much longer than a taxi.

Private taxis in Spain are more expensive than public taxis. There are many public taxis just outside the airport arrivals, so there is no need to reserve one.